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Michelle did an amazing job on a recent wedding of my best friend. She communicated clearly, ensured the daily schedule stayed on track, and had a fantastic attitude the whole day. I highly recommend! (Rated us: Excellent)

  • Amanda Iverson, September 4, 2022

Michelle was fantastic! I worked with her through the 525 wedding venue and did her day of services. When I first met with her she made us feel at ease about everything and showed us ways to save time on our day. She also knew exactly what to do without needing any direction at all, she found solutions to issues I didn't even know were issues until they were already taken care of. I am a bit of a control freak and she made me feel so relaxed about the day and reached out to all my vendors to confirm and everything was set perfectly! She was also really easy to find throughout the day if we needed something she was right there and honestly our wedding day would not have been nearly as smooth if we didn't have Michelle! Highly recommend her services and would hire her in an instant if I ever needed a wedding coordinator! Thank you Michelle! (Rated us: Excellent)

  • Carley Wagner, August 18, 2022

Michelle jumped right in to make our special day run smoothly. She thought of everything from bringing us coffee the morning of to the final walk through at the end of the night and ensuring all of our belongings were packed up and every little detail in between. (Rated us: Excellent)

  • Nikki Trujillo, March 30, 2022

Very down to earth and helpful (Rated us: Excellent)

  • Leslie Christensen, July 18, 2021

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